Writer, editor, teacher, other.

My latest piece, “Burning the Negatives,” appears over at Housefire today, which makes me very happy. If you don’t know Housefire, check it out—-it’s a collective that does great work to promote innovative writing. They routinely publish prompts for folks who’d like to write their way into the group. (That’s how I got in, way back in the spring.) 

Often, when you write about things that have happened to you, it takes some time. It’s usually necessary to wait and reflect, to sit on your work for a while so you may revise at a time that’s more distant from the time of writing. So there’s often a long time that passes between the event and the writing about the event and the publication of the writing about the event. I’m always happy to see my work published, but sometimes when I get a journal, revisiting my poems is similar looking at land as I fly away from it in an airplane: it seems so small, so quaint. 

That’s not the case here. I had a birthday. December came. Advent started. I wrote a poem. It feels very immediate still, and that’s fun. 

I should add two things: the line “the man with the gun is satin” comes from a typo I encountered last spring. Thanks, H, for letting me steal the line. (If you want me to name you fully, just let me know!)

And the bio is my very favorite ever. The one who brings the most joy wins: of course she does.

Bring on the joy, y’all.