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Do you know Dear Sugar? You should know Dear Sugar. She’s the advice columnist for The Rumpus, (therumpus.net) and I adore her. Tonight, she’s revealing her identity at a party in San Francisco. When she announced this plan, the editors of 300 Reviews (300reviews.com) asked me and Brian Oliu (BrianOliu.com) to write something to commemorate the event. We each wrote a review. Mine is up today, and his (which is stunning, by the way) will be live tomorrow.

I sort of laughed when I got this request, because I had written to Sugar once and told her I really didn’t care who she was. It’s not that I’m indifferent, but that I don’t think knowing will affect my reading of her column in any way. I think this shows up in my review. Other folks I know and admire disagree with me, and I think that’s just fine. We might all react differently. Or maybe I’ll discover I was wrong. That’s what keeps life interesting.

Tonight at the university where I teach, there’s a panel on the Lovings, the Virginia couple who challenged marriage laws back in the 1950s. Their case made it to the Supreme Court (yes, it was titled Loving v. the State of Virginia), which declared that interracial marriage could no longer be outlawed. So C & I will be at that panel, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Love big, y’all. Be well.